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Click here to download the full QmotionUK product guide
This is the complete guide to everything QmotionUK offer and supply in the UK

Click here to download the Freedom Blinds / QmotionUK Measuring guide
This a the section from the main product guide that gives you a simple measuring guide to be able to confidently measure up and complete your order / quotation form.

Click here to download the Freedom Blinds Quotation / Order Form
Complete this form with your window dimensions, fabric, hembar and controller requirements and we will return a free, no-obligation quotation to you as a complete system where the only additional option with be to fit it yourself or have it fitted by a Freedom Blinds Install Team.

With unique in-built battery and motor technology, the QMotionUK system also provides a very useful, manual over ride feature that allows the user to operate the blind by hand. By simply pulling on the bottom bar (Hembar) you can lower the blind into position or with a short tug, send the shade back up to either a pre-set position or home to its fully open position. The best bit is, throughout this manual operation, the blind is able to keep track of where it is, so if you then use a remote control or the app to move the blind, it will automatically know which direction it has to move and exactly how far. Unique to QMotionUK this brings a totally new level of function and convenience to motorised blinds. To us, this is a game changer in the world of blinds.

 How They Work

iPhone / Android Apps
We offer an app for both smart phones and or tablets for either iOS or Android formats. Once the QMotionUK app is downloaded all the shades can then be addressed individually and if required grouped together, providing an excellent and easy to use platform in which the shades can be operated.

Freedom Blinds - iOS and Andriod Apps for control

Remote Controlled
The QMotionUK remote controls allows you to control one or multiple blinds at once. Each blind linked to a remote control which sends out positioning instructions to fully raise or lower the blind. In addition, there are three memory positions and buttons that allow you to recall custom positions for the blind to move to.

Freedom Blinds - Single and Multi-Blind Remote Controls Freedom Blinds - Totally Wire-free motors and control

100% Wireless
QMotionUK are one of the industry leaders when it comes to a wireless shading system. With no power wires or control wires required at all, the user can install a fully motorised and intelligently controlled shading system without the need for using any electricians.

Traditional, motorised window coverings (Blinds and Curtains) required a whole bunch of wires installed to each and every window position for power and control, as well as a qualified electrician to install 240v (mains) parts. With the QMotionUK systems from Freedom Blinds you need absolutely no wiring at all and they install as simply as a standard roller blind.

For the first time ever, you have can buy and install your own, fully functional, silent, motorised roller blind system that is entirely wireless. The roller blind can be operated manually, via a remote control with a simple button press, from your Home Automation System (C4, Lutron, Crestron, AMX etc) or on a smart phone or tablet using the QMotionUK app and QSync. Using both the Multi-Channel remote control or the App, you can remotely operate your blinds individually or simultaneously, by room, by building elevation or by floor.

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and Up To
Battery Life

Whisper Quiet Movement
Unlike conventional motorised blinds, the unique motor technology allows for a near-silent movement. So when the blinds are move, there is no discernible noise as they rotate, which makes them perfect for installation into even the quietest room house.

Freedom Blinds - Whisper quiet movement and motor

Easy Setup
With no wires or switches to install means installation is as easy as fitting any other window blind. Once you have installed the brackets and roller blind you can remove the protective covering and start programming. Following the simple, enclosed programming guide your blind will be working within a few minutes. We even install the batteries to make the time from out of the box to operation that little bit quicker.

Freedom Blinds - So simple to set up and use

5 Year Batteries
Power for the blind is provided by widely available, D type batteries. Because of  the unique springs installed within the roller tube itself, the batteries provide up to five years usage based on an average four full raise/fully lower movements a day.
By pulling the blind fully out, you can easily change the batteries yourself, without having to remove the blind from the brackets or reset the system.

Freedom Blinds - Upto Five Year Battery Life

QSync for iOs and Android Devices
The QSync interface allows the you to connect the blinds to your wifi network and therefore the internet. The each blind then need to be added to the system and the QMotionUK App download for either iOS (Apple) or Android. Once completed, operating them is as simple as selecting the window or a group of window and sliding your finger up and down the window image on the control device.

Freedom Blinds - QSync, iOS and Andriod Interface Box

QConnect for Home Automation Systems
The QConnect will allow you to control your blinds with either contact closure triggers, RS232 or RS485 protocols. This makes them very simple to integrate with the leading home automation and building management systems. The QConnect even has its own battery, allowing your integrator to program the blinds onto their system before visiting site or even before the blinds themselves are installed.

Freedom Blinds - QConnect, Interface to Control4 and other control systems

QRelay, Signal booster
QRelay extends the capability of QMotionUK Blinds by boosting signal transmission and reception through out your house to where ever it is needed. It is compatible with all transmitters and you can use as many as you need as its unique code technology ensures there is no interference or repeating of control signals.

Freedom Blinds - QRelay Singal Booster